Can an Electric Grill Catch Fire?

Grilling is a great way to enjoy delicious food outdoors or at home. But did you know that electric grills can get really hot? And since they use electricity, they can also catch fire.

Electric grills are becoming more commonplace. They’re convenient because they don’t require gas or charcoal. Plus, they cook faster than regular grills. However, these devices aren’t immune from fires. If you leave them unattended, they can become a safety hazard.

Follow these tips to keep your electric grill safe. And remember to check your propane cylinders regularly, too. You never know when one of them could catch fire! Read on to learn more about grill safety.

Proper grilling

A proper grilling technique is critical for preventing flare-ups. These types of fires often start due to fat drippings and grease that get onto the grates. Luckily, there are ways to reduce the risk of flare-ups by keeping a few things in mind while grilling. Here are some tips:


While an electric grill does not produce flames or smoke like a gas grill, the heat from cooking food can cause the grill to smoke. Many electric grills are placed in unsafe locations near houses, outdoor sheds, and patio awnings. Overcrowding can also cause an electric grill to catch fire, which can result in a massive loss of property value. The best way to prevent this problem is to have a designated safe zone in the area where you plan to grill your food.

Foil on the grates

If you have an electric grill, be sure not to use aluminum foil on the grates. Aluminum melts at a temperature of 1220degF or 660degC, so it’s important to use the shiny side up. You’ll find that the shiny side won’t catch fire, and it won’t burn in any heat source. In fact, aluminum foil is a good alternative to Teflon, which can harm pets and humans alike.

Proper storage of propane gas cylinders

Storing propane gas cylinders correctly can protect you and your home from a potentially disastrous fire. Propane cylinders should be placed upright on a sturdy surface such as cinder blocks or a solid slab of wood. Propane tanks should never be stored on the ground or within twenty feet of any building or exit. They should also be stored at least 20 feet above ground level and be kept away from combustibles. Propane tanks should also be placed with the valve closed.

Cleaning the grill

Before you clean your electric grill, make sure it is unplugged and all removable parts are removed. Use a damp sponge to wipe off most splatters. To clean off tough grease, use an all-purpose cleaner with citrus oil. Wait a few minutes and wipe off. Dry the parts thoroughly. If hard stains are still present, use an alternative cleaner. Always keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen.

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